Here we have put together a few sights, activities or events for you, where you can see everything that is beautiful around Sønderburg and on the island of Als.

You can find the tourist information right in the beautiful city center of Sønderburg or you can find lots of interesting things about Sønderborg on the VisitSønderborg website.

There are also many destinations for those interested in history. For example History Center Dybbøl Banke at the Dybbøl Skansen.


Thank god! There are many good fishing spots on the island of Als. Sea trout, cod and plaice are just a few of the local fish species. Whether fishing on the beach, in a boat or at the fish pond, it is an unparalleled experience of nature.

On the region's shores, the varied seabed and numerous large rocks make for great spots for sea trout fishing. In the depths of the lakes, on the other hand, large pike are waiting between aquatic plants and reeds.

Fishers aged 18 to 64 must have a valid fishing license to fish in lakes, offshore or in the sea. Fishing licenses can only be purchased at ot require a fishing license.

The beaches are public territory. Neither individuals nor clubs are therefore allowed to hog beaches or large stretches. Please be considerate and keep your distance from other anglers. Think of nature and do not leave trash, discarded lines and hooks that can harm the animal kingdom. Please respect private property where trespassing is unwelcome.

Stock - and season overview:

  • Trout (Feb. - May, Sep. - Oct.).
  • Plaice (Jan., June - Dec.)
  • Cod (Jan. - Apr., Oct. - Dec.)
  • Garfish (May - June)
  • Herring (Feb. - Mar., Nov. - Dec.)
  • Mullet (June - Sep.)

On the coast

  • Kegnæs end (1+2): Parking at the windmills. Fishing possible on both sides.
  • Drejet (1+2+3): To the left of the parking lot is a sandbank, to the right are stones with good places to stand.
  • Gammel Pøl (1+2+3): To the left of the parking lot is a sandbank, to the right flat bottom with sand, stones and kelp.
  • Mommark (1+4): Fishing spots from the harbor in a southerly direction.
  • Voigt beach (1+2): Fishing possible on both sides. The sandbank gets bigger towards Fynshav.
  • Fjordmosen (1+4): You can fish on both sides. Different water depths.
  • Fladbæk (1+3+4): Deep water to the shore with good possibilities for small cod.
  • Tranerodde (1+3+4): Good reef with mussel beds.
  • Havnbjerg Strand (1+2): You can fish on both sides. Sandbank along the coast.
  • Lønsømade (1+2+3): From the parking lot, good sites in a northerly direction, in front are large mussel beds in water deep to the shore.
  • Stevning Næs (1+2+3): Fishing spot from the parking lot on the right, around the headland.
  • Arnkilsøre (1+2+3+4+5): Fishing spots around the headland, where the water is deep to the shore.
  • Alssundbroen (1+2): Fishing spot from the parking lot under the bridge on the right. Deep water with good current conditions.
  • SnogbækHug (1): From the parking lot you walk the last part. Mudflat fishing.
  • Sottrup Storskov (1+3): From the parking lot, walk 700m south. Deep water to the shore.
  • Dybbøl Strand (1+2): A very good stretch starting at the harbor and continuing to the right. Popular methods are float/birolino and fly.
  • Vemmingbund (1+2): Deep water to the shore. Waders are necessary.
  • Borreshoved (1+2): Particularly good for mudflat fishing.
  • Brunsnæs (1+4): Waders are necessary.
  • Rønshoved (1): Park directly at the water. Fishing stretch with mussel beds and large stones.

At the lakes:

Nordborg Lake: stock: walleye, perch, eel, pike and carp. Carp only as "catch and release" (Catch & Release) and they must be gently put back. Ticket sales: Shell Nordborg, Nordals Idrætscenter and Sønderborg Tourist Office. DKK: per day 50,- per week 250,-. Fishing license for the sea is compulsory.

Ketting Nor: Stock: perch, roach and eel. Fishing is allowed only in the western part, which is not designated as a bird reserve. Parking directly opposite the lagoon. Ticket sale: Sønderborg Tourist Office DKK: per day 50,- per week 250,-. Fishing license for the sea is compulsory.

Lillehav: Parking on the dam. Fishing places from the dam and along the northern part of the lagoon to the last three houses. Fishing is not allowed in the rest of the lagoon. Fishing license for the sea is mandatory.

Fiskerbro near Østersø Disabled-friendly fishing spot by the lock from Fiskenæsvej in Gråsten. Fish stock: perch, roach and eel. Fishing license for the sea is compulsory.

Put & Take

E. Egen Mølle Put & Take: Located between Ketting and Guderup, by road 405. Small lake with water inflow and outflow. Here you can catch nice brown trout. Small store with bait and ticket sale: At the red brick house, Nordborgvej 120. Fishing license for the sea not necessary.

Please respect the current rules on closed seasons and minimum sizes. Caught fish that are protected or under the minimum size must be released immediately, whether alive, injured or dead. The closed zone consists of a semicircle with a radius of 500m and the center in the mouth of the watercourse. In addition, just outside the mouth, there is a passage zone 500m wide and 100m long.


Castle Sønderburg

Castle Augustenborg

Castle Gråsten (German Gravenstein) 


Bike trips

The Kegnæs path consists of 3 routes of 6, 7 and 10 km, which you can combine into one tour if you wish. Beautiful natural landscapes and rich bird life await you on the beautiful peninsula. Start the tour at the Park Square just behind Dam Drejet. Here you will also find the remains of the defense tower Kegborg and you can visit the lighthouse Kegnæs Fyr, where you can enjoy the view from the top of the lighthouse.

The Augustenborg path of 7 km takes you through the park by the castle, then along the water to the harbour and on to Lillehav with its many birds. The route follows the Krumom road and over the old country road to Bro, under the two-lane road, over the golf course and along the beautiful Mjang Dam.


There are three beautiful golf courses in the region: Sonderborg Golfklub and Nordborg Golfklub on the island of Als and Benniksgaard Golf Center in Rinkenæs by Gråsten. All three golf courses have 18 holes and are located in beautiful natural areas that almost distract you from the game with their views.

Here the game becomes a relaxing experience where you can ditch the stress of everyday life and just enjoy life in a wonderful environment.

“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” says a Danish proverb. However, the grass in our region is actually greener than in most other parts of Denmark, thanks to the mild winters and the proximity to the coast. Thanks to this turf-friendly climate, it is not an April Fool's joke when we say that you can usually play on a perfect green as early as April 1st.

Sonderborg Golfklub is very centrally located near Augustenborg. The slightly hilly terrain, partly overgrown with old hedges and open meadow stretches, creates optimal conditions for an exciting and varied course of holes. From the course you have a great view of the beautiful wetland and nature reserve at Mjang Dam.

Nordborg Golf Club is planted with the typical trees and bushes of the island of Alsen. The naturally beautiful area has elevation changes of 20 meters. From the highest point you can enjoy a wonderful view over the Little Belt to Funen. The course is suitable for both elite and bogey players, especially with strong winds on the highest points.

Benniksgaard Golf Center offers one of the most beautiful golf courses in the country with its hilly landscape, many small lakes and fantastic views of the Flensburg Fjord.

If you are not a member of one of these golf clubs, then you can get access to a 6-hole par-3 course, as well as driving range and putting green, where you can hit balls freely, at Alssund Golfklub for DKK 75. You can rent the appropriate clubs in the proshop.

Benniksgaard Golf Center has a 9-hole par-3 course and a practice course, which can also be used by non-members.

Kiting & surfing

Art and culture

Danish glass art 

South Jutland's only glassblowing workshop...we breathe life into the glass.

Experience the smell and warmth of glowing glass as you enter the glass workshop. Here you will find a large selection of hand-blown bowls, vases, birds, clowns and jewellery. Our speciality: beach rocks.

Galleri Skovby Mølle

In the gallery Skovby Mølle (Mill) you will find Danish handicrafts. This is made by different ceramists and shows an extra exciting and large variety. Beautiful colored art decorates the walls and you can see soft, felted garments (one of a kind) as well as handwoven runners.

The mill is open daily from April to October from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Galleri Lillekobbel

The Lillekobbel gallery was newly renovated in early summer 2020 and expanded to 150 m2 in the 154-year-old farmhouse. The gallery is owned by the Swiss-Danish classical violinist and painter Eliane Karecki, who exhibits her colorful and funny bird pictures, from portraits to group pictures and fabric pictures.

There is both hand alcohol, gloves and plenty of good air and space. The gallery is open when the flags are outside or with an appointment by phone 30 24 42 44.

Augustiana Art Park & Art Hall

Augustiana is a cultural, historical and architectural jewel in Augustenborg with a long and varied history and an exciting future as an international art gallery and art park. Augustiana has focused attention on professional contemporary art and presents a varied program of exhibitions in the Arthall as well as rotating art projects, experiences and artworks in the park. More information:

Cathrinesminde Brickworks Museum 

The Cathrinesminde Brickworks Museum is located on the Danish side of the Flensburg Fjord, south-west of the town of Broager. The history of the brick factory between 1732 and 1968 and its products are presented in the former production facility.


HikingWelcome to the Gendarmpath

A oastal hiking trail of 84 km, along the German-Danish border, partly unpaved path. It is a former trail to monitor the German-Danish border in the Sønderjylland-Schleswig region.

The path runs mostly along the Flensburg Fjord from Padborg to Høruphav. It is the first European quality hiking trail in Denmark.

On the Gendarmpath website we have collected all the information that can be helpful in making your hike on the certified part of the Gendarmpath an unforgettable experience. These apply to practical information regarding transportation options, overnight stays and restaurants, as well as detailed directions, information and exciting knowledge about birds, fauna, landscapes, history, myths and legends. We wish you a lot of fun!

The Augustenborg path of 7 km takes you through the park by the castle, then along the water to the harbour and on to Lillehav with its many birds. The route follows the Krumom road and over the old country road to Bro, under the two-lane road, over the golf course and along the beautiful Mjang Dam.

Doctors & Emergency

Emergency call

The uniform emergency number for the police, fire brigade and ambulance is 112 (this emergency number can be dialed from any pay phone without having to use a coin).

Is it a serious accident or a life-threatening illness? In the event of a serious accident or life-threatening illness, call the emergency number 1-1-2. Here you will be put through to a professionally competent employee who will ensure that you receive the appropriate help.

Is it urgent?

In the event of an acute illness or injury, you must call first.

  • On weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm: call a general doctor. General doctors can be found at Lægerne Ringgade I/S SundhedshusetRinggade 168, st. 6400 Sonderborg Telephone +45 74 42 14 14
  • You can call the medical emergency service on tel. +45 70 11 31 31 or +45 43 58 48 29 on weekdays from 4 p.m. to 8 a.m. as well as on weekends and public holidays.

Is there still time?

Call a general doctor to make an appointment for an examination, prescription renewal, etc. At Lægerne Ringgade I/S Sundhedshuset Ringgade 168, st. 6400 Sonderborg

Telephone +45 74 42 14 14


Medicines that do not require a prescription in Germany are often only available with a prescription in Denmark. Pharmacies are usually open Monday to Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (often longer on Fridays) and on Saturdays from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. Some over-the-counter medicines are available for purchase at supermarket checkouts.

Pharmacy emergency services can be found in larger cities. Pharmacies marked with an “A” have the longest opening hours.

Vet clinics in Sønderborg

  •  DyrDoktor Sønderborg 
    Sjællandsgade 20, 6400 Sønderborg
    +45 70 60 23 45
  • Vetnatura ApS
    Voldgade 17, 6400 Sønderborg
    +45 38 41 11 55
  • Alsia Dyrehospital
    Keglen 2, 6440 Augustenborg
    + 45 74 47 23 00

Roadside assistance, accident and repairservice

In the event of an accident, the police should be notified. Emergency telephones are available on all motorways. The Falck service can be called day and night. They tow or repair on site (for cash). All international car brands have authorized workshops in Denmark. VAT is charged on any costs that occurred in Denmark and will not be refunded when you leave the country.

If you are at fault for an accident, please contact

The ADAC has set up a service in Denmark for German-speaking tourists. You can reach the ADAC emergency call every day from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Dansk Forening for International Motorkøretøjsforsikring
    Amaliegade 10
    DK-1256 Kopenhagen K
    Telefon: + 45 3343 5500


You can rent a lot of diving equipment from Brian Pedersen at the dive centre.

He also offers introductory courses for beginners and hotspots, tails diving and so on.